We provide all types of translation from Farsi to English and English to Farsi. 

Examples of documents:

* Birth Certificate (Shenasname)

* Passport ( If you have traveled outside Canada  you need to provide

  translation of your passport  and entry and exit stamps to Citizenship

  and Immigration Canada in order to apply for Canadian Citizenship)

* Court documents

* Any types of legal documents (Divorce certificate, marriage certificate, child custody, military card) 

* Driving License and history of Driving License

* Medical documents

خدمات ترجمه ی مدارک (فارسی به انگلیسی) و بالعکس


 ترجمه شناسنامه

پاسپورت(اگر به خارج از کانادا سفر کرده اید به منظور ارایه درخواست شهروندی کانادا پاسپورت شما بهمراه مهرهای ورود و خروج آن میبایست ترجمه شود)

ترجمه ی مدارک دادگاه

ترجمه ی هرگونه مدارک حقوقی اعم از گواهی طلاق, عقد نامه, حضانت فرزند, کارت پایان خدمت

گواهینامه و سابقه آن

مدارک پزشکی



We are expert in legal settings interpretation. We have facilitated legal interpretation services for many lawyers and Paralegals across Canada and GTA. 

Example of legal services are as follows:

  • Discovery and Settlement;

  • Occupational therapy assessments (for accident benefits);

  • Psychology and psychotherapy assessment (for accident benefits);

  • Meeting with lawyer;

  • Family courts and Family Mediation;

  • Criminal tribunal;

  • Human Right tribunal;

  • Disability tribunal;

  • WSIB assessments;

  • ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) with IRB;

  • Refugee Hearing with IRB.

Free Delivery
 We provide free delivery of translated documents for some areas in   York Region. Provide us with the postal code and main intersection